Ocena poziomu motywacji do bezpiecznego zachowania pracowników zakładu górniczego
Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Ochroną Pracy w Katowicach
Akademia Obrony Narodowej w Warszawie
Data publikacji: 20-08-2020
Organizacja i Zarządzanie 2015;65:127-139
The issue of motivation to work in a safe manner is a very important problem in management theory. Motivation is the primary function of the management system, it encourages employees to adopt and implement the established goals. The aim of the study is to analyze and assess the level of motivation for safe behavior of employees of a mining plant. The survey was conducted among employees of the mine, with a participation of 100 people. The surveyed people were of different ages and have different seniority. An analysis of the survey shows: inappropriate or dangerous behavior of employees is frequently assessed by others as negative, but almost half of employees remain passive, ignoring the dangerous situation; a majority of employees respects only some provisions and principles of safety, some of the respondents do not comply with them at all; the reason for dangerous and risky behavior is to facilitate work for a timely execution of tasks. The most common motivational methods are measures of persuasion such as conversations with employees, suggestions, brochures, information about supervisors' requirements and goals and the mission of the company. In order to enforce appropriate behavior, punishment is being used more often than rewards. The results of the assessment of employees' level of motivation for safe behavior are not satisfactory. The research has shown that motivation of employees at the analyzed plant is at a low level.
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